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Have you ever wondered what the difference between every Tesla models are?, the advantages and disadvantages?. Which model is best for your personality?. Then this post is a must read/watch.

Have you seen this YouTube video by YouTuber ” AutoTrader ” comparing Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X all in one video?. No?, You Must See It!.

Rory talked about almost everything you need to know about Tesla Model 3 vs Model S vs Model X. He also stated enough advantages and disadvantages between the models.

This video is best for those that would like to own a Tesla but are not sure which Tesla Model to buy.


  • According to him: The answer is it really does depend on what you want?.
  • If You want a car that is spacious, feels special, heavier and practical: MODEL X.
  • If you want a car that look special and feel special and has a timeless beautiful design, and fast enough to make you swallow your own tongue: MODEL S.
  • If you want lighter, more faster, more agile, more fun than all, with awesome performance: MODEL 3.

Ok enough bla bla bla, below is the Video:

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