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4,000 employees in three shifts system to work at Tesla Berlin

In a government meeting that took place few hours ago in Brandenburg Oder-Spree, District Administrator Rolf Lindemann said Tesla is expected to submit all necessary planning documents for the construction of the “Gigafactory 4” in Grünheide to the responsible authorities any moment from now.

Rolf Lindemann : District Administrator for Oder-Spree district. © Foto: MOZ/Jörn Tornow

This committee as reported Tagesspiegel, in which municipalities such as Grünheide, Erkner, Fürstenwalde, Storkow and Schöneiche are represented, deals with the effects of the settlement. It also takes care of everything from infrastructure to housing construction.

Tesla plans to start building the “Gigafactory 4” on a 300-hectare site from the first half of 2020. From 2021 onward, Tesla plans to manufacture the Model Y compact SUV. 

According to the district administrator, up to 4000 people are supposed to work in three shifts in the factory. So far there have been talks of 3,000 employees.

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