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Tesla Market Cap Hits $70B

Will Tesla Stock Reach $400 before 2020?. Lets dive into all possibilities in this post. Right now, Tesla Stock is clearly the best performer on the Nasdaq 100.

After Tesla’s Q3 blew everyone’s mind away by being profitable, the stock has been on a super bull run ever since, and it just hits an All-Time-High above $389 as at the time of this writing.

Tesla 2019 Model 3

As the electric car maker hits $70B in market cap.. burning all short-sellers to and fro, costing them BILLIONS, Tesla shorts are now down -$1.87bn in 2019 mark-to-market losses; down -$1.35bn Dec & down -$588mm yesterday according to this twitter user.:

Why Is Tesla Stock At All-Time-High ?

  1. Model 3 is a big Success
  2. Shanghai, China Gigafactory 3 is LIVE!
  3. Cybertruck is still the talk of town with over 250,000 confirmed reserved
  4. Tesla BerlinGigafactory 4” is Work In Progress
  5. Tesla Model Y is clearly ahead of schedule
  6. And many many more to come :D..


2019 Top 10 Most Valuable Car Manufacturer In The World.
2019 Top 10 Most Valuable Car Manufacturer In The World.

In June 1st 2019, Tesla was ranked number 9 with a Market Cap of $33.7B .. Below is the most up-to-date market cap. Below is 2019 Top 10 Most Valuable Car Manufacturers In The World with their Caps. How long will it take Tesla to become No2?.

  1. Toyota: $202B
  2. Volkswagen: $89B
  3. Tesla: $80B
  4. Daimler: $54B
  5. GM: $54B
  6. Honda Motors: $51B
  7. BMW: $48B
  8. Ferrari N.V.: $42B
  9. Ford: $38B
  10. Fiat Chrysler: $30B

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