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Daimler and BMW Order 60 Tesla vehicles in order to expand their electric vehicle offering in Germany

OMG – Why would Daimler and BWM order 60 Tesla’s in order to expand their joint-venture Free Now, a mobility ride-hailing app in Europe, the answer is simple, Tesla is killing competition!.

Free Now previously known as “MyTaxi” a taxi-hailing app used in Europe was purchased by Daimler in 2014.

Last year, the Daimler entered a joint-venture partnership with rival BMW, and they invested over $1 billion in the taxi-hailing App company.

Germany’s Handelsblatt reported:

The mobility provider Free Now, a subsidiary of BMW and Daimler, wants to continue its expansion into other cities in Germany. So the electric car fleet is to be expanded, initially with 60 Tesla vehicles in Hamburg, said Free Now in the Hanseatic city. Last year, 20% more passengers in Germany were using Free Now than in the previous year; the number of drivers has increased by 27% to more than 28,000.

They didn’t confirm which Tesla vehicle they are ordering, but it’s going to add to the rapidly growing fleet Tesla taxis on German roads.

Just last month, a Düsseldorf taxi company announced that they ordered 50 Tesla Model 3 vehicles to update their fleet.

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