Tesla Germany

Giga Berlin Can Be Operational Before 2021

Tesla is the second most valuable car manufacturer in the world with a market capitalization of $134.836 billion, $50.188 billion more than that of the most valuable car manufacturer in Europe and the third most valuable car manufacturer in the world, Volkswagen AG.

“The investment is a unique opportunity,” Mayor Arne Christiani said in his office, where a map of the Tesla project hangs on the wall. “It gives young people with a good education or a university degree the possibility to stay in our region—an option that didn’t exist in past years.”

Mayor of Grünheide

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said his company’s fourth Gigafactory will be built in Grünheide, Brandenburg. A town about 40 minutes drive away from Berlin, Germany.

The facility was officially announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk on 12 November 2019 at the Das Goldene Lenkrad award show in Berlin and is set to produce batteries, battery packs and powertrains for use in Tesla vehicles. It will also serve for assembly of the Tesla Model Y, which was announced in March 2019.

“Berlin is great,” Musk said, after receiving the Golden Steering Wheel award from German auto publication Auto Bild. “I love Berlin.”

More than ten European countries (France, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland,  Czech Republic, Spain, Finland, Lithuania, Estonian, Germany,…) had campaigned to have the factory located within their jurisdictions. This is enough to force the federal government of Germany to work extra hard to make sure everything works very fine and as planned.

Tesla Giga Berlin Work Has Started

Ever since Tesla and the state of Brandenburg signed the purchase contract for the land on which Giga Berlin will be built, Tesla and the state government have been working tirelessly on the planned project day and night.

Around 159 hectares of pine forest will be cleared on the site before the end of this month. Rumor has it that the work on removing the pine trees will start on Monday. Once the trees are cleared, there will be plenty of room for the construction work will start.

According to a very reliable source in Grünheide “@Gf4Tesla”: The power cables have been laid. It has been confirmed that fiber optic cables has been laid And preparations for sewage discharges have been made. Old aerial bombs were removed and some were detonated. Tesla is currently working on releasing endangered animals to nearby forest.

Lets not forget that it took Tesla 168 days to go from Permits to a finished Giga Shanghai China electric car production plant.

If Tesla put in the same efforts, Giga Berlin should be ready by late summer 2020 and the finished plant may start to pump out electric cars before end of year.

“We are in the center of the biggest and deepest change in the automotive industry since its beginning. We would be naïve to think we can handle battery technology as a commodity that can be bought anywhere in the world.” – Matthias Machnig (German State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy)

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