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500000+ Tesla CyberTruck Reserved – OMG

I think it is safe to say that Tesla will have a supply problem once Tesla Cybertruck goes into production in 2021, and they might have to build Giga factory 5, 6, and perhaps 7 to meet up demand. 2021 is the same year Tesla Giga Berlin plant is expected to be functional, producing 10,000 Model Y per week.

According to a, an independent website that tracks Tesla Cybertruck orders, Tesla has over 500,000 Cybertruck pre-ordered.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made the tweet below about pre-order, just few weeks after unveiling the futuristic looking Truck he and the Cybertruck team have been working on.

Tesla’s popular Model 3 received the same amount of reservations, but took 16 months to do so. This could be down to the fact that Model 3 pre-orders cost US$1000, while the truck’s ones only cost US$100.

What do you think guys?, please share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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  1. Even I have reserved a Cybertruck! A guy from The Netherlands who has been driving compact FIAT’s all of my life (500X at the moment.. The last ICE I bought!) I mean, if even a guy like me reserveed a Cybertruck.. That 500.000 number might turn out to be conservative.

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