We Have Worlds First-Ever 400 Mile Electric Car Battery – Lucid CEO

Lucid Motors CEO Peter Rawlinson in his most recent interview with Blomberg wants Lucid Motors to co-exist with Tesla.

photo: Lucid Motors

Peter also claims Lucid Motors has the world first 400 mile range battery, and its already on the road.

“The Era of the 400 mile range electric car is here” – Peter Rawlinson

According to Peter, what sets Lucid Motors apart from Tesla and the likes is their world class technology and their battery technology that has already been proven in the Formula E. “We supply our batteries to all cars in Formula E” he adds. We already have cars out there in test, which surpasses 400 miles.

The CEO is out to bring in potential investors, as he plans to raise more fund to expand production.

photo: Lucid Motors

“Lucid is a tech company. There is room for Lucid to thrive along Tesla. We have a world of luxury products, which at the moment is dominated by Mercedez S-Class” – Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson says.

Enjoy the interview:

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