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Tesla Share Of The Battery Electric Car Market Jumps To Nearly 23%

In 2019, Tesla accounted for more than half of battery electric vehicle market growth.

According to the graph below, Tesla share of BEV market was just 18% in 2013, that is a massive growth when compared to the 2020 23%. Elon Musk is surely doing something miraculously right.

Audi Puts A Break On eTron Production Due To Battery Supply Shortages

A new study by Ark Invest, the biggest Tesla Bull, shared by one of their analysts Sam Korus, finds. According to Ark Invest, they are worried weather or not traditional automakers will be able to scale production.

Traditional carmakers are the car manufacturers that are trying to transition from ICE cars to BEV cars.

“Tesla is investing in growing production capacity. If other automakers continue to underinvest, Tesla may wind up with an even larger share of a smaller total market. Though it seems automakers are waking up to the BEV future and are starting to invest.”

Sam korus, Ark Invest Analyst.

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