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Tesla Hits 1,000,000th Fully Electric Vehicle Production

This is a huge milestone for team Tesla. Feels like yesterday when Tesla announced they have produces 10,000 electric vehicles (It was a Model S), now Tesla CEO Elon Musk is super proud of Team Tesla for hitting the 1,000,000th car.

Tesla 1000000th electric vehicle. Tesla reached a major milestone this week with the production of its millionth car, a 2020 Tesla Model Y. Elon Musk shared the moment on his Twitter feed with photos of the car and a big group of Tesla employees.

While other traditional automakers are strugling to gather enough battery to meet production targets, as well as struggling to fix their software that is full of bugs, Tesla celebrates 1,000,000th BEV.

A 2020 Tesla Model Y is the 1000000th car produced, if anything, I think we should be prepared to see 1,000,000 Model Y soon on the streets.

If anything, this is worth celebrating not only for Tesla but also for all Tesla investors.


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