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Tesla Asks Employees To Help Deliver Cars As The Quarter Ends

A leaked email obtained and reported by Businessinsider Germany reveals Tesla is asking employees to deliver cars on their days off during the final weeks of the first 2020 quarter.

This move is known by most Tesla followers. Every last 2 weeks of every quarter, the electric car maker is known to ask employees to help with finished products delivery.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment sent by Businessinsider.

According to the leaked internal email sent on Friday, employees can only volunteer to help with deliveries on their days off, but will receive overtime pay, the email says. This is very good for employees that don’t mind earning extra, while they help the world transition to clean energy.

It’s revealed in the email that Tesla is is expecting a significant increase in North America delivery volume in the coming weeks.

“Through the end of March, we are expecting a significant increase in our North America delivery volume,“ Guillen said. „To achieve our Q1 goals, we are requesting additional support from team members across the business.” –  The electric car maker head of automotive Jerome Guillen says in the leaked email

Jerome Guillen

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