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Tesla Beats Google In Share Price After Closing At New All Time High – $1546

The most valuable electric vehicle maker in the world Tesla Inc!. share price is surely on fire, after it surpassed shares of the most valuable search engine company in the world Google.

Tesla share price closed at new all time high of $1546 on Friday July 10th 2020, for the first time ever after the electric vehicle making company is rumoured to be listed on the S&P500 any moment from now.

Google on the other hand is also trading at all time high and closed $1541 on Friday but nobody seems to be paying much attention to the search engine giant as Tesla is one of the most talked about company at the moment.

Are we finally going to see the $2,070 predicted in the video below?.. Which of these two will hit $2000 first, Google or Tesla?.

Kindly use the comment section below to share your opinion with us about this massive Tesla Shares rally.

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