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“Betting Against Tesla Stock Is A Bad Idea” – Popular Tesla Bear

Longtime Tesla Stock bear, Carson Block, warns that betting against Tesla Stock is a bad idea. He warns short-sellers to stay the heck away from short-selling Tesla.

Carson Block: “Short it at your own risk. I wouldn’t do that.”

Carson Block is one of Tesla critics since day one. Block is a short-seller and the founder of Muddy Waters Research. Block is known for documenting and alleging fraudulent accounting practices in publicly traded Chinese companies.

In an interview with Bloomberg’s Tracy Alloway and Joe Weisenthal on the Odd Lots podcast, Block thanked God for not shorting the stock that has ruined well established short selling funds.

“I’m not short the stock, thank God,” – Block

“We used to joke that Tesla, when it files for bankruptcy, will probably have a $30 billion market cap. Short it at your own risk. I wouldn’t do that.” – He added.

According to Block, you can bet against Tesla, but never ever bet against Elon Musk. Well we guess that equally means, never ever bet against Tesla as long as Elon Musk remains incharge!.

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