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“Gigaberlin Could Be Finished In Record Time” – Tesla Spokesperson

It took Tesla 168 days after the permit to finishing the construction of gigashanghai. According to a Tesla spokesperson present at the inauguration of “No1 Tesla Street” on Friday, Tesla could finish the construction of gigaberlin in record time, beating gigashanghai’s 168 days record.

The railway connection also contributes to this massively. Up to 1200 tons of building material could be delivered in one train, and about 3 trains are able to deliver at once. In Shanghai, everything had to be transported by truck. It has not yet been decided whether the production of batteries will also take place in Grünheide. The previous planning documents do not provide for a battery factory.

Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Timeline (Appriximation)

Saturday marks the 46th day since the first 4 piles were erected at Gigaberlin, marking the beginning of the construction of the machine that will build the ‘made in Germany’ machines. Yes, foundation digging started around May 27th which lasted for a couple of weeks before the first reinforced concrete was delivered on July 3rd. That makes today the 82nd day since the first foundation was laid, and gives us 85 days (November 10, 2020.) left to finish the project, in order to beat the Gigashanghai record.

  1. 15 November 2019 – Gigaberlin was announced by CEO Elon Musk.
  2. 19 January 2020 – Contract signed
  3. 9th March 2020 – Levelling
  4. 28 April 2020 – Land transfer
  5. 27 May 2020Ground breaking, Foundation begins.
  6. 1st July 2020 – First concrete piles erects.
  7. 14th August 2020 – No1 Tesla Street (inauguration)
  8. ————–
  9. August 30 – Drive Unit expected to be completed.
  10. August 30 – Visitor’s parking by the south side expected to be completed and equipped with Supercharger.
  11. September – The major public hearing for the main approval process is scheduled for September

Environmentally Friendly

“Originally we believed that we would need up to 15,000 stakes, in the end, it was still 1,100,” said a Tesla spokesman on the occasion of the inauguration of the “Tesla Street”, which leads to the Tesla site. The concept has now been changed so that 500 to 550 piles can be used. “Only the press shop, but no longer the foundry, is built on piles.

This is another wonderful news from Tesla, and it truly shows what Tesla’s mission stands for, which is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Tesla is doing everything possible to make sure they abide by the rules and regulations of the local, state, and Federal governments.

Below is a short video I managed to put together on Saturday after my visit to the site. Please enjoy!.

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